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Giovanni Inspections follows the Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments issued by the ASTM. The Property Condition Assessment (PCA) is the study of a subject property. The goal of the study is to identify any physical deficiencies, maintenance issues, obvious defects, and the assessment of components, which are nearing or have exceeded their expected useful life. A Property Condition Report (PCR) is the product of a PCA, and is a comprehensive report which is also used in developing a "Facility's Preventative Maintenance and Repair Program" for our clients.

The PCR includes an executive summary of findings, a general site description, and an explanation of findings in the structural frame, building envelope, mechanical and electrical systems. The PCR also includes findings regarding life safety and fire protection for the building. The PCR concludes with a summary of findings and recommendations.

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Robert Cari, Owner
Robert Cari founded Giovanni Inspections in 2006. He has over 30 years of experience building industrial, commercial and residential structures in Indiana, Ohio and Texas. He is a licensed inspector, licensed teacher, and has taught in the building construction area since 1994. He has a passion for people and the building industry. With his extensive knowledge and understanding of structures and systems, Robert has an eye for detail and brings skills to the industry unmatched by others. Committed to excellence and service he is dedicated to meeting the needs of Giovanni's Clients.
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